My first project…

With three active kids, two dogs and two cats (plus two adults), I spend a lot of time in my laundry area. And, since this is also the furnace room, room that cats call “bathroom” and extra storage space (as well as home to a portion of my future kitchen floor) you can imagine that it’s become quite…untidy. Okay, maybe you can’t imagine how bad a room in my house can get. Here’s an example, shot this morning from the doorway:

Built-in storage cabinets on one side...

Isn’t that pretty?  And, from a slightly angled view:

and the other wall, equally pretty.

I’m cringing looking at it, and I have to go back down there in a few minutes and finish the laundry (I do a load almost every day, if not two…plus, the cats seem to like to eat regularly.)

This is actually a really big room, so I’m not complaining about that at all.  It’s just utilized poorly, I think – all clutter, no real thoughtful storage.  Plus, the lack of “small” details make this a really unpleasant space to spend so much time in.  While I don’t want to spend all my quality time in here or use it as a mom cave or anything, it would be nice to have it be a bit more useful and pretty. So, here’s the tentative plan:

– cover up all the wires behind the washer / dryer
– curtains on the windows
– paint the floor and walls

– re-work or re-create the storage space to fit my current needs better
– do something with all that paint (note the back wall)

One final note, before you judge me the worst housekeeper ever: there’s actually two houses worth of junk in this room, since some of what’s in here is stuff from our crummy rental property. I’m also working on getting that rental-ready – which isn’t all that easy over the holidays, as it turns out. In the meantime, there are pieces of the duplex’s kitchen in my basement – also awaiting my TLC. Ahhh….no time like the present, right? Off to formulate an actual plan…

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Not quite 2011, but still…

It’s not quite 2011 yet, but I’ve been thinking about goals / resolutions for next year for so long I may as well start putting them down on some virtual paper. So here’s a big one: getting my house ready to sell. Sadly, I think this will take an entire year, if not longer. Given all the normal stresses in my life (work, 3 kids, etc.) I’ve let things go a bit. Or a lot, but who’s judging?

It would be easy to get paralyzed by fear or the sheer weight of what needs to be done. Getting a house in order that has been neglected for any amount of time can be overwhelming. There are so many things to do: little DIY tasks, at least one renovation (kitchen), painting, possibly some new furniture. All on what feels like it might be an impossibly tight budget, since I’m not a huge fan of credit cards. (Probably because I have been in the past, and I’m still paying for it!)

So, that’s what I’m blogging about. That, and all the other interesting stuff I’m hoping to do in 2011. I’m hoping that by blogging about it, I’ll make a bit more progress than if I was just going it alone. So thanks, friends, for hanging out with me as I reinvent my living space – making it a bit better, with some intention behind the whole thing.

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Look, mom, I’m blogging! I’m blogging!

Oh, if only my mom actually knew how to turn on her computer.

I’m Jennifer, BTW.  Happy to be here and share a little of the crazy-wonderful-exhausting parts of my life, in the hopes that you, my new magical (and largely imaginary) friend, will keep me motivated.  Because, by golly, if I’ve told my parents and the two relatives I have that actually look at my Facebook posts that I’ve started a blog, then I darn well better be saying something, right?

See you soon!

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Hello, world…for real!?

So glad to be here in this exciting blog-world. Can’t wait to make a “real” first post!

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