My Home

{singing} “our house, is a very very very fine house [fine house] with two cats in the yard…”

Don’t get me wrong – I love my house.  Really, I do.  even though my husband thinks I hate it.  I didn’t really like it when we moved in, 12 years ago.  I thought we’d move pretty quickly, and I never put much effort into it.  But over the years, my house has grown on me.  It’s the first space that’s been truly mine, the only home my kids have ever known, the place we buried our first dog this fall.  This place has fun, and sadness, and so many many memories.  How could I not have fallen in love with it over the years?

So now, it needs a bit of TLC back, for all those years of not leaking on my head. So, in an effort to get organized…and make it a bit more comfortable around here.  I’m so tired of my girls asking why my mom’s house is so nice, compared to ours; to this, I always say it’s because they don’t live there!  One day, even on my tight-tight budget, I will have a nice house, too!

For now – I’m living like we may sell it any day.  Which, of course, we won’t.  Because now I love my little house and everything it stands for…except the clutter. and the dirt. and the complete lack of organization.  But everything else, for sure.



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