I’m Jennifer Mayotte, and I have about a dozen hats. Not an actual dozen hats, because actually, hats don’t look very good on me – even in those dreams where everything looks good on you, the cute red felt beret (or fedora, depends on the dream) I want to wear just accentuates my not-small nose and makes me look ridiculous. So I own one hat, because this is Minnesota, after all, and you need one.

Here are my other hats, the things that keep me breathing every day. I’m a wife and mom of three adorable girls, ages 9,10 and 12. I also own two dogs, two cats, a crayfish and some fish. There are almost certainly some spiders, too, but no – even though I carry them outside in the spring to release them, they are not pets. I’m also the executive director for a small non-profit, which sounds glamorous to most people until I point out the “non-profit” part. Finally, the big guy and I own a small rental property in the northern part of Minneapolis – one of our most frustrating purchases ever, but also the source of endless opportunities to choose to be positive. Finally, I’m a budget (note again the “non-profit” job) DIY person who loves to figure out how to make all those hats fit on one hat rack.

I feel lucky to be a blogger, to have a way to keep myself on track and accountable. I love writing, the act of getting things out of my head and down onto virtual paper. I hope you enjoy the time you spend here…thanks for joining me as I spend this next year figuring out where to go with this crazy ride called life.


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