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Wife, mom, part-time zookeeper. So many responsibilities, so much dirt to clean up. And all of 2011 to make life better, one cluttered closet and undecorated room at a time. Bliss!

Deep breath…

Wow! I’m not quite sure how almost a year has gone by so quickly.  Somehow, nothing went quite as I planned…almost no renovations have happened, the furniture is all the same…I haven’t even moved my oldest darling daughter into her … Continue reading

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You may have noticed this already – and forgive me if you have – but it’s, um, March. In all the crazed-ness that seems to be my life these days, I truly hadn’t noticed. I’ve been joking with friends and … Continue reading

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not a garage sale…

I’m not really the garage sale type.  There, I’ve admitted it.  And certainly no offense to those of you who adore them, including my good friend Katy, who has one each and every year – and who I think sometimes … Continue reading

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Over-worked…or just over-cluttered?

Last year, distressed by the clutter and papers strewn about my office, I snapped a photo of it.  I was determined to make this: look a bit more like this: That’s right, I have a massive imagination.  It’s a blessing … Continue reading

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Happy, Happy New Year!

Hope you have a wonderful 2011. I’m so happy to be here with you…hope you stay to share this year of transformation with me, and experience some wonderful transformations of your own.

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In the meantime…

Somewhere in the middle of the laundry room project, I realized that I didn’t feel like I was making much progress – and that I needed a success to build my motivation to keep going.  Not anything big, just something … Continue reading

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The best laid plans…

I was naive. So, so naive. That project? The one I started yesterday? Oh, I’m still working on it. But here’s the thing: step one is actually “clear the space”, and I didn’t even consider how long *that* little task … Continue reading

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