Deep breath…

Wow! I’m not quite sure how almost a year has gone by so quickly.  Somehow, nothing went quite as I planned…almost no renovations have happened, the furniture is all the same…I haven’t even moved my oldest darling daughter into her own bedroom yet.  Completely inexcusable.

So let me give you my excuses…

In short: husband is ill, mom is doing chemo, grandmother with dementia has moved in with the mom doing chemo, took on extra job in March.  Have absorbed many child-rearing responsibilities, and let’s face it: I was not cut out for single parenting.

With that said, as manic as things are, I’m thinking it’s not too early for a resolution.  And I’m thinking the resolution might have to be something about just showing up. Not necessarily winning or getting things right, just showing up.

Just my thought for the day.


About betterlifebydesign

Wife, mom, part-time zookeeper. So many responsibilities, so much dirt to clean up. And all of 2011 to make life better, one cluttered closet and undecorated room at a time. Bliss!
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