Over-worked…or just over-cluttered?

Last year, distressed by the clutter and papers strewn about my office, I snapped a photo of it.  I was determined to make this:

look a bit more like this:

That’s right, I have a massive imagination.  It’s a blessing and a curse, I say.  anyways… Now that I’m back in my office after the holiday (this year I took a few days off in between Christmas and New Years to spend time with my girls), I realize my office still looks like this:

Ok, maybe I’m dramatizing a bit.  I have, after all, moved the papers slightly to the right a bit.  🙂  But the reality is that while I had great intentions of cleaning up my office in the name of increased productivity (and, let’s face it, to make it cuter) it didn’t even come close to happening.  Last year was incredibly busy, but let’s face it – that wasn’t really the reason I didn’t do much.

I was kinda lazy.

Also, I’m overwhelmed by how much happens in that room. Though they aren’t there right now, I’m usually sporting an additional laptop and printer, both of which currently need to be replaced.  And about 12 people use my office a day, whether staff (who know where things go) or volunteers (who don’t).  finally, my co-worker’s little boy (soon to be four) uses this space about two-three days a week, so I need to have some space for him to play and keep his toys…we share a [very] small office, so using my space is crucial.  So everything has to be super-clear, well-organized and easy to find.


So, I’m adding this to the list of junk I have to do this year (watch out for a much longer list in a day or two!).  Because I can’t be professional and work in this office the way it is much longer; I keep expecting the papers to grow legs (arms? hands?) and suffocate me.  I can’t paint the office (though it really needs it) and it’s unlikely I’ll be able to afford new furniture (I work at a tiny non-profit, remember?), but if it’s on a flat surface, it’s likely to get cleaned, tossed or re-organized in the next few days.   I can’t wait to get started on this one!

Note: The beautiful office above can be found at Cottage Home Offices from Luis Caicedo : Designers’ Portfolio 2510 : Home & Garden Television.  Really? 2510? I can’t even plan two days out!


About betterlifebydesign

Wife, mom, part-time zookeeper. So many responsibilities, so much dirt to clean up. And all of 2011 to make life better, one cluttered closet and undecorated room at a time. Bliss!
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