In the meantime…

Somewhere in the middle of the laundry room project, I realized that I didn’t feel like I was making much progress – and that I needed a success to build my motivation to keep going.  Not anything big, just something I could point to and say, “Hey! At least I got *that* done today / this week!”  That’s where this little cabinet re-organization I whipped up in my kitchen today comes in.  It’s not big, and I didn’t buy a thing to complete it (just took an empty shoebox out of my closet) – but it definitely is going to make this cabinet more useful.  Here’s the awful before:

Everything is just sort of shoved in there, all on top of each other.  I can’t even tell what’s in the back!  (And, since I can’t see it, you know I’m not using it, either.)  This is called months of what is me and the girls (and occasionally the big guy) just shoving what we took out of there back into the front, wherever it “fits”.  In fact, once I took everything out, here’s what I discovered I had:

What is all that junk? I found a coffee maker, a cappuccino maker, a hot tea maker, a waffle maker, assorted oils and vinegars, the toaster, tons of dog bones and rawhides, lots of plastic bags and lunch bags, and other assorted odds ‘n ends.  What a mess!  I started by grabbing a paper grocery bag for anything that could go to the Goodwill.  In went the hot tea maker – my husband has not used this in two years, at least – and at least three of those tiny recyclable totes for lunches.  (We all have at least one more that we use daily which is stored elsewhere, and if I’m going to be thinking about this house like I’m going to sell it, then I need to ruthlessly get rid of the clutter.  and duplicates.  especially duplicates!)  Also, the empty mason jar went in the bag – I know someone will use this.  One extra pet dish also went in there.  All those items (and this part is important, REALLY important) then went into the trunk of my car, to be delivered to the thrift shop tomorrow.  I’d go today, but I’ve already done all my errands for the day, so tomorrow it is.

Once that stuff is done, I can put things back.  As mentioned, I put all the dog stuff in a shoebox I found in my closet, then labeled the box so I remember where that is.  I got to throw away a bunch of packaging by doing this, which freed up a bunch of space.  Exciting!  Other items went back in based on how often I used them – the toaster gets used all the time, so it made sense to put it right in front.  The oils and vinegars stayed in their little plastic crate (to help catch spills, if I’m messy putting them away) and plastic cutlery, which rarely gets used, went in the back.  Yesssss! Once I put away the pared down items, things look so much better:

And, I get my minor miracle success for the day.  My husband is making dinner tonight – I wonder if he will even notice the new, clean cupboard?  Or the missing hot tea maker?  I’m guessing no on both!  How about you guys – do you, like me, need a success in your corner to keep you motivated? Or are you more of a “plug along ’til it’s done” type?


About betterlifebydesign

Wife, mom, part-time zookeeper. So many responsibilities, so much dirt to clean up. And all of 2011 to make life better, one cluttered closet and undecorated room at a time. Bliss!
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One Response to In the meantime…

  1. shinypigeon says:

    I am the kind of crazy that is constantly reorganising cupboards, nooks, crannies and shelving. It has got to the stage that my other half doesn’t put the dishes away because he has got sick of my tutting and groaning when he puts things back in the wrong place.
    Yup…I’ve made a rod for my own back….

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